About BBS / Letter from the Director of Academics

Letter from the Director of Academics - Assistant Principal 

Dearest BBS Community,
It is with great pleasure that I send my warmest greetings to each of you today. It is with a greater pleasure, that the occasion of my words, is the launching of the new website of BBS, a school which is very dear to my heart.
I am a proud member of the BBS Community since 2000.
Currently, BBS is enrolled with hundreds of valuable students of various religious and sectarian backgrounds. Our school was founded in 1956, with a mission statement that was, and still is, the sole purpose of the school: "To prepare the students in mind, body, and spirit, to meet the challenges of the world around them."

We prepare the students in spirit, by progressively teaching them moral standards of living, rooted in Christian values. Second, as BBS staff and teachers, we adopt the challenge of every single student, in adjusting and facing confrontation or uncertainty, and teach them how to face these obstacles, supporting parents to take knowledgeable action in their child's upbringing, in parallel. Lastly, we promote self-assertiveness. Every class at BBS has its representatives, since we value the voice of our students and want to teach them to value it too. Our students are acknowledged for their exemplary character and active serving in the local community.
As three major Academic purposes, we aspire that all students reach their full potential, cultivate their critical thinking and problem solving skills, and express intellectual curiosity, to become constant learners and students of life itself. Year after year, BBS has witnessed continuous academic improvement. Realistic growth in the use of technology and new teaching methodologies, an increased use of differentiated, rigorous and effective curriculum for individual students, and increased use of peer teaching among teachers, and various informational seminars with parents, are the advances we are proud to have reached.
Accredited by AdvanED, the BBS curriculum conforms to the requirements of the Lebanese Ministry of Education, which leads to certification in the official government administered exams at the Intermediate (Brevet) level and the Secondary (Baccalaureate) level with its four branches. BBS is also rich with a Special Education Program, which aims at identifying students with special needs, and providing them with all types of specialized interventions that aid them in coping with their difficulties. BBS also has an American high-school program for all non-Lebanese students, from grade 7 to grade 12. Through all the various academic programs and purposes realized, we prepare the students in mind.
Lastly, we prepare our students in body, through emphasizing on physical education and art sessions, which make them fit and healthy humans, confident in self-expression.
Through fostering attitudes of respect and appreciation for diversity, demeanors of personal integrity and character development, relationships of trustworthiness and honesty, disciplines of teamwork, leadership, excellence, and finesse, and most importantly, the love of learning and achieving, BBS harvests graduates who are not only ready to meet, but face, the challenges of the world around them, through mind, body and spirit.

Before working in BBS, even before becoming Mrs.Wazir, I was a BBS student. As a student, BBS put a smile on my face everyday, by creating the richest school environment any girl desired. As a 12th grader during her graduation ceremony, BBS put a smile on my face, ensuring me that I was capable enough of facing all the challenges coming ahead. Here I am today, writing to you with a smile on my face, having in mind all the challenges I did face, until I became the Director of Academics and the Assistant Principal of the school I was a student in.
I thank BBS for putting a smile on my face every day, and aim at putting a smile on your children's' faces always.

Alice Wazir
Director of Academics-Assistant Principal