About BBS / Letter from the Principal

Letter from the Director of Administration and Operations

Dear Parents,
The most wonderfully crafted curricula and the most beautifully designed buildings without restrictions, policies and strong foundations will not serve the goal which they were initially put or built for. Thus, our focus as administration in establishing policies and systems is not to impede or slow down the learning process; but on the contrary, to ensure that the mission continues to move forward with momentum on well-established basis, based on the conscience of the Gospel, in order to serve and not to be served. 

In short, the administration has been focusing on two essential issues, commitment and reliance.

  • The commitment to the vision and mission in order to continue what Dr. Ragland initiated in the 50s - This commitment produced a dedication to make the success of the students not only on the academic or educational levels, but also on the national, social, psychological and spiritual levels as well.
  • The reliance on God the creator and the redeemer - for it is written that “Because he cleaves to me in love, I will deliver him; I will protect him because he knows my name.”(Psalms 91:14)

Tony Haddad
Director of Operations and Administration