About BBS / Parent's Committee

BBS Parents


Back Line From Left to Right:  
Mr.Elie Bandar  
Mr. Maher Senno  
Mohamad Nemer Moustafa  
Firas Shehadeh  
Dr. Mahmoud Halablab
Hisham Wahb  
Radwan Akil  
Mansour Al Zouheiry  
Ramzi Al Doubeissy  
Jaafar Jaafar  
Front Line From Left to Right:
Rima Al Asmar Yousef  
Iman Abou Haiba Alayoubi  
Dr Mary Habib Tfeily  
Members missing in the photo:
Ramy Masmouh  
Rima Dimashkieh  
Bahaa Taameh
Louay Taameh