Academics / Elementary / Letter from the AD Cycle II

Letter from the Associate Director
Cycle II Letter

Dear Parents,

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” Anthony J. D’Angelo.

 From the minute we are brought in to this world till the day we leave it, we are on a constant journey of education. Whether we are uttering our first words or riding a bicycle for the first time, we are learning, not willing to remain at the starting point but driven towards the finish line. And it is this continuous process of education that molds our minds into something powerful and prepares us for the new experiences and challenges of this world. That is why the definition of education could not and should not only be limited to acquiring a yearly syllabus or obtaining a degree, but rather be compared to a seed, that if carefully planted and nourished, would grow into a tree whose roots reach deep into the ground. Thus it is undoubtedly important to begin early to teach, to help our children develop their social, cognitive, physical, linguistic and academic abilities. It is our duty, as leaders, teachers and parents to provide our children with good grounds that promote their rights and ensure their protection. We, as one team whose main care is our children, play a major role in offering them the right tools that will push them towards a higher level of knowledge. A proper education builds a firm foundation and grants our children the opportunity to reach their way to success.

 We are thereby looking forward to working with you, in alliance, so that, together, we can give you the higher education that you all deserve and promise you a brighter future.

 Yours truly,

 Mrs. Linda Gedeon

 Associate Director of Upper Elementary