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Letter from the Associate Director
Preschool's Letter

Dear Parents,

We cherish the uniqueness of your child and have created a program of learning that promotes and personalizes his or her development in an inclusive environment that enables all children to thrive. We believe that learning occurs when children participate in cooperative activities centered around things that engage their curiosity. We seek to nurture the development of the whole child: cognitive, physical, social/emotional, and aesthetic. This is achieved as we help them learn or attain problem-solving skills, independence, language, social development and self esteem. Your son or daughter will enjoy this process, because our preschool is child-focused! All activities, play/work stations and student resources are targeted to your child's developmental level and encourage their active play.

Additionally, we have chosen an open door policy for parents. We strive to provide a welcoming environment for all the stake-holders in a child's development, and we firmly believe that a key factor in a child's success is the involvement of his or her parents. The role of parents in the growth and learning of children is crucial! We also consistently invest in our staff through extensive and ongoing training and professional development to ensure a high standards in your child's earliest education.

Gigi Awabdeh
BBS Vice President of Preschool