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Letter from the Associate Director
Preschool's Letter

Dear Parents,

Warm greetings! I’m grateful to be sharing with you words from the heart about a home to many children; our BBS Preschool. Rest assured, that our preschool is dedicated to offer each unique child, the best academic and psychological growth, customized to his unique needs. Academically, we encourage child focused educational practices and methods. We guarantee that our curriculum, activities and materials used, are age appropriate and cover all the aspects of your child’s developmental stages.

As to our staff, we always provide them with on-going trainings to expand their knowledge and skills, helping them to maximize learning for your children. As we diligently work partnering with you, to make your child’s preschool years fun and memorable, we strive to give you peace of mind by providing your child the safest, most stimulating, and caring environment he deserves. We look forward to all that God will do, as we work hand in hand, in building a rock solid foundation for your child’s future.

Kind regards,

Nahy Moussa El Khoury

Associate Director Preschool