General Activities / Coordinator's Letter

Letter from the Coordinator

Dear Parents,

At BBS we offer a wide variety of activities for your child that range from academic to extracurricular. Each school year, we prepare an exciting schedule of field trips, both educational and recreational. We also offer extracurricular activities such as Ballet, Modern Dance, Taekwando, Arts and Crafts, Gymnastics, Little Engineer, Swimming, and Music. BBS wants to help your child grow into a well-rounded adult. For that reason, we carefully plan Community Service opportunities to expose your child at age-appropriate levels to the needs around us in the community. We also involve students in fundraising campaigns for local NGOs. In years past, they have enthusiastically competed with each other to raise money for orphanages, prisoners, children needing heart surgeries, etc. The children consistently participate with all their hearts and gain increasing compassion in the process.
The activities department also seeks to serve you and your children by coordinating large events like graduation, Teachers' Day, and the annual Mother's Day flower event, and large projects like the yearbook. This year, we look forward to an upcoming Environmental Awareness campaign, a humanitarian project for the benefit of needy children from every aspect of Lebanese society, an Independence Day celebration showing appreciation to our Lebanese Army, and a fundraiser for St. Jude's Cancer Research Hospital.
Our goal is to make your child's experience at BBS a well-rounded one that provides them with every beneficial opportunity not only academically, but as they express their talents and unique personalities through activities and develop into citizens with compassion for others.

Rima Najm Jalkh
Head of Activities and Public Relations Unit