Admission / Tuition

BBS Tuitions 2018-2019
K1 L.L. 6,390,000    
K2 L.L. 6,690,000    
K3 L.L. 6,740,000    
Grades 1 to 3 L.L. 7,290,000
Grades 4 to 6 L.L. 7,440,000
    (High School)  
Grades 7 & 8 L.L. 7,590,000 L.L. 9,090,000  
Grade 9 L.L. 7,590,000 L.L. 9,090,000  
Grade 10 L.L. 7,590,000 L.L. 9,090,000  
Grade 11 L.L. 7,590,000 L.L. 9,090,000  
Grade 12 L.L. 7,590,000 L.L. 9,090,000  
Special Education L.L. 11,390,000 - L.L. 20,190,000 (depending on special needs of the students)
Registration Fees L.L. 100,000   (non-refundable under any circumstances)
Development Fees L.L. 600,000   (paid at the time of application or re-admission, non-refundable)
Development Fees: L.L. 400,000   (for students with brothers or sisters already enrolled in school)
Application Fee: L.L. 100,000    
Yearbook L.L. 40,000   (per family)
Stationary Preschool: L.L. 50,000    
Stationary Grade 1: L.L. 50,000    
Trips L.L. 65,000   (per student)
Transportation L.L. 1,050,000   (either pick-up or return) Beirut Region
Transportation L.L. 1,250,000   (either pick-up or return) Beirut Suburbs
Transportation L.L. 1,350,000   (full transportation) Beirut Region
Transportation L.L. 1,500,000   (full transportation) Beirut Suburbs
Payments should be made thru Bank Audi.  
Settlement of Fees:      
 Tuition is settled in two payments: September &  before the 15th of February. The registration fee for the coming academic year is paid in May of the current year. Tuition is settled at the assigned bank. Registration fees are paid at  the time of registration and are later deducted from the annual tuition. Registration, however, becomes valid only after the student achieves the results required for being promoted at the end of the academic year. All extracurricular activities are paid for at the time of the activity.
Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Tuition Reductions:
As a nonprofit educational and social institution, the BBS offers financial aid to needy students within the school's capabilities. Thus, the school may choose to assist only a limited number of students. Such decisions are issued by the Financial Committee which studies the student’s case based on the parents’ request. The committee estimates the student’s actual financial need and arrives at a decision based on the student’s academic performance and conduct.
Tuition Reductions:
Top-ranking students of grades 4 –11 are entitled to tuition reductions.
 The First-rank student in each grade (over three sections)  receives a 20 percent reduction of previous annual tuition
 *The Third child  in a family receives 5 percent  reduction on annual fee.
 *The Fourth child in a family receives a 10 percent  reduction on annual fee.
 *The Fifth child in a family receives a 15 percent  reduction on annual fee.