Letter from the Head of Division – Secondary School


Letter of the Head of Division - Secondary School


The Secondary School @ BBS, with close to 300 students, follows a three-year cycle made up of two separate programs: The Lebanese Baccalaureate Program and the International Program.

The Lebanese Baccalaureate Program, which follows a curriculum set by the Lebanese Ministry of Education prepares students for the national official examinations, the Baccalaureate in General Sciences, Life Sciences, Sociology and Economics, or Humanities. Students sit for exams in Grade 12 and proceed to university at the Sophomore level. This rigorous program is enhanced with extra-curricular school activities and a rich student life.

The International Program graduates learners with a High School Diploma, accredited by the Lebanese Ministry of Education upon the completion of Grade 12. The program prepares students to sit for internationally recognized external exams such as the SAT, SAT II, and TOEFL. Students follow a challenging academic program and graduate tri-lingually in Arabic, English and French. Part of the curriculum for all Secondary students includes mandatory participation in the Community Service Program.

The Secondary School is designed to provide substantial opportunity for students to develop the talents and interests of which they are aware and to discover and develop previously unrecognized ones through the International and the Lebanese programs

Our graduation requirements are designed to ensure that each Beirut Baptist School graduate is well prepared both for college and for a lifetime of service and learning. They reflect our belief that students become creative, reflective, open-minded, disciplined, productive, compassionate, and passionate adults by engaging in a broad range of learning opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom!

Mrs. Alice Azar Wazir

Head of Division – Secondary School

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