Letter from the Head of the SMART Program

BBS Siham Fakhreddine Head of SMART Program

Dear parents,

SMART is a learning support center that provides quality education and support services to learners with learning differences. Our aim is to intervene academically, socially, and emotionally in an environment that endows learners with a warm, loving, and safe setting. Our educators, special educators and therapists work cooperatively and collaboratively to equip learners with skills that enable them to become self-regulated, independent, and responsible citizens guided by the school ethical and spiritual values.

Sincerely yours,
Siham Fakhreddine Abu Orom, MA. Special Education.
Head of the SMART Program

Services Provided

  • Speech therapy
  • Psychomotor therapy
  • Sensory integration
  • Group therapy
  • Therapy using TED approach
  • Music and Art therapy
  • Life skills program
  • Social skills program

Our Team

  • Head of the SMART Program
  • Reading specialists
  • Special educators
  • Support educators
  • Occupational therapists
  • Shadow educators

   In addition to the services provided the SMART Program uses the following approach:

Develop individualized Education Plans (IEP) based on the formal assessment reports and focusing on strengths and weaknesses under 4 categories:

  • Cognitive Development
  • Language Development
  • Sensory-motor Development
  • Social/Emotional Development.