Letter from the Head of Division – Middle School


Letter from the Head of Division - Middle School


The Middle School, with close to 300 students, is a three-year cycle covering grades 7 through 9.  It offers two programs: the Lebanese Program, preparing students for the official Lebanese Brevet examination; the High School Program, which is an English medium non-Brevet program that prepares the students for the High School diploma. All programs require the teaching of Arabic, English, French, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Information Technology (IT).

The Lebanese Program is available to everyone, but only foreign students or Lebanese students who have lived abroad for at least three years or who carry a second nationality may join the High School Program. These students must obtain an exemption from joining the Lebanese program from the Lebanese Ministry of Education where they will also obtain an equivalency indicating which grade they are qualified to join.

We are here to guide our early adolescents through three exciting years of challenge and development and to prepare them to be independent, knowledgeable thinkers who are able to succeed with the dynamic academic courses ahead of them. The Middle School team achieves this by providing a wide range of challenging programs, by giving a variety of opportunities to explore, discover and develop individual activities and by nurturing each student emotionally, spiritually and physically.

In-school and after school activities create an intimate and exclusive middle school culture where students are encouraged to express their uniqueness.

Mrs. Alice Azar Wazir
Head of Division – Middle School

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