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Mrs. Alice Wazir

Dearest BBS family and friends,

It is with great pleasure that I get the chance to address you through this platform today. Personally, I am a proud member of the BBS Community since 2000.

Our school was founded in 1956, with the same mission that stands today: “To prepare the learners in mind, body, and spirit, to meet the challenges of the world around them.” As a member of the Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development, BBS is proudly able to operate as a not-for-profit institution. Everyone has a seat at our school regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. The 1,466 learners currently enrolled represent the diversity of our country and the beauty of our region. Our learning environment is routed in Christian values, following the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Accredited by AdvancED, the BBS curriculum conforms to the requirements of the Lebanese Ministry of Education, by graduating learners who are certified in the Lebanese Baccalaureate. For our international learners, BBS offers an American high-school program that spans between grades 7 and 12. Because we value inclusion and education for all, a Special Education Program (SMART) is offered for learners with special needs. Through SMART, specialized interventions such as Applied Behavioral Analysis strategies and individual therapy sessions are adopted.

BBS has witnessed continuous academic improvements promoting critical thinking, improving problem solving skills, and expressing intellectual curiosity. Academic success is not our only concern. To ensure that our learners grow to become exemplary citizens, we offer and encourage extracurricular activities that develop learners’ physical well-being and artistic talents.

The school is not only a community for learners but also for caregivers, parents and legal guardians. We want you to feel included in your pupil’s educational development. This is why we hold a variety of seminars, lectures and workshops for parents throughout the year.

Before working at BBS, even before becoming Mrs. Wazir, I was a BBS student. As a student, BBS put a smile on my face every day, by creating the richest school environment any girl desired. As a 12th grader during her graduation ceremony, BBS put a smile on my face, ensuring me that I was capable enough of facing all the challenges coming ahead. Here I am today, writing to you with a smile on my face, having in mind all the challenges I did face, until I became the Director of Academics and the Co-Principal of the school that raised me.

I thank BBS for putting a smile on my face every day, and aim at seeing that same smile on all our learners’ faces.

Alice Azar Wazir

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