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Healthy children

Our mission is to leave a healthy and lasting impact on the lives of your children. Be assured that our approach will reinforce your child’s sense of dignity and self-respect and develop his/her academic, social and emotional potentials. We want to work together in discovering, and unfolding your child’s gifts and talents.

A Letter From

the Head of the Preschool Division

Welcome to the BBS Preschool, a community of support and learning. Our motto is “Play, Learn and Grow together!” We are committed to providing young learners with an uplifting environment and quality education that encourages them to discover the world and develop solid foundations for life-long learning. Recognizing that no two children think and learn in the same way, we apply a range of child-centered educational practices and differentiated instruction in the classrooms, and support programs are available to children as needed. The preschool curriculum brings together inquiry-based themes and age-specific teaching approaches that nurture our little ones throughout their developmental stages.

Our teachers and staff are trained to work alongside every child and their families to help learners grow on all levels. We aim to see each one flourish in all aspects: academically, emotionally, and relationally.

The effectiveness of the BBS Preschool depends on every person playing their important part in supporting a child’s learning journey, especially parents. Our desire is to partner with you in filling your child’s preschool years with enjoyment, special memories, and a love for learning.

I look forward to seeing what God will do in the precious lives around us, and we invite you to work hand in hand with us to build a solid foundation for your child’s education.


God Bless,

Ruth Saliby


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Offers a supportive, safe, developmentally appropriate atmosphere that fosters social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth, as well as a good self-image and a love of learning. The Preschool  is regarded as a community leader in terms of laying a solid foundation for future academic achievement.

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The Head of the Preschool Division