Annual BBS Science, Math & Technology Fair

Annual BBS Science, Math & Technology Fair

The BBS Annual Science, Math & Technology Fair took place on Friday, May 31st, 2019.

BBS students used the 21st century skills to prepare for this event. Participants thought critically, were creative, worked in collaboration, and showed high skills in communication.

This year we saw information, technology & media literacy ideas. Moreover, Cycle One students took the initiative to have coding projects and were excited to present their innovative concepts. Also, our dear students showed flexibility and a great deal of leadership while preparing their abstractions. The middle and secondary students prepared projects for more than one subject matter which led them to win medals of excellence. In addition, Cycle Two students were productive and reflected good social skills in their designs. All winners received certificates and medals of different types. Also, participants in the AUB Annual Science, Math and Technology Fair were recognized and the winners were given trophies. The Organizing Committee followed specific criteria to make the competition fair and the results trustworthy. Moreover, parents, teachers, students and BBS family were able to visit the fair and enjoy the atmosphere.

Congratulations to all BBS participants.

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