Tuition Fees

BBS Tuition Fees 2021 -2022

ملاحظة هامّة: تحتفظ المدرسة بحقّها في إعادة النّظر في أقساطها عند زيادة الأعباء عليها لأيّ سبب مشروع لا سيّما ما سوف يخلص إليه أشكال تطبيق أو عدم تطبيق زيادة السّت درجات الإستثنائيّة النّاتج عن تفسير القانون رقم ٤٦ / ٢٠١٧.

NB: Kindly note that the school reserves its right to reconsider its fees especially if any changes occurred regarding the six degrees granted in response to one  interpretation of law 46/2017.

ClassAmountHigh School
K1L.L. 6,390,000
K2L.L. 6,690,000
K3L.L. 6,740,000
Grades 1-3L.L. 7,290,000 L.L. 8,790,000
Grades 4-6L.L. 7,440,000 L.L. 8,940,000
Grade 7 & 8L.L. 7,590,000 L.L. 9,090,000
Grade 9L.L. 7,590,000 L.L. 9,090,000
Grade 10L.L. 7,590,000 L.L. 9,090,000
Grade 11L.L. 7,590,000 L.L. 9,090,000
Grade 12L.L. 7,590,000 L.L. 9,090,000
Special EducationL.L. 11,390,000 - L.L. 20,190,000 (depending on special needs of the students)
Development Fees L.L. 600,000 (paid at the time of application or re-admission, non-refundable)
Development Fees: L.L. 400,000 (for students with brothers or sisters already enrolled in school)
Application Fee: L.L. 100,000 (non-refundable under any circumstances)
Yearbook L.L. 40,000 Per Family
Stationary Preschool: L.L. 50,000
Stationary Grade 1: L.L. 50,000
TripsNot available(per student)
Transportation Not available(Either pick-up or return) Beirut Region
Transportation Not available(Either pick-up or return) Beirut Suburbs
Transportation Not available(Full transportation) Beirut Region
Transportation Not available(Full transporation) Beirut Suburbs

Payments should be made through Bank Audi.

  • Tuition is settled in three payments:
  • September, November/December, and February/March.
  • The registration fee for the coming academic year is paid in May of the current year.
  • Tuition is settled at the assigned bank.
  • Registration fees are paid at the time of registration and are later deducted from the annual tuition.
  • Registration, however, becomes valid only after the student achieves the results required for being promoted at the end of the academic year.
  • All extracurricular activities are paid for at the time of the activity.


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