Tuition Fees

BBS Tuition Fees 2020 -2021

ClassAmountHigh School
K1L.L. 6,390,000
K2L.L. 6,690,000
K3L.L. 6,740,000
Grades 1-3L.L. 7,290,000 L.L. 8,790,000
Grades 4-6L.L. 7,440,000 L.L. 8,940,000
Grade 7 & 8L.L. 7,590,000 L.L. 9,090,000
Grade 9L.L. 7,590,000 L.L. 9,090,000
Grade 10L.L. 7,590,000 L.L. 9,090,000
Grade 11L.L. 7,590,000 L.L. 9,090,000
Grade 12L.L. 7,590,000 L.L. 9,090,000
Special EducationL.L. 11,390,000 - L.L. 20,190,000 (depending on special needs of the students)
Development Fees L.L. 600,000 (paid at the time of application or re-admission, non-refundable)
Development Fees: L.L. 400,000 (for students with brothers or sisters already enrolled in school)
Application Fee: L.L. 100,000 (non-refundable under any circumstances)
Yearbook L.L. 40,000 Per Family
Stationary Preschool: L.L. 50,000
Stationary Grade 1: L.L. 50,000
TripsL.L. 65,000 (per student)
Transportation L.L. 1,050,000 (either pick-up or return) Beirut Region
Transportation L.L. 1,250,000 (either pick-up or return) Beirut Suburbs
Transportation L.L. 1,350,000 (full transportation) Beirut Region
Transportation L.L. 1,500,000 (full transportation) Beirut Suburbs

Payments should be made through Bank Audi.

  • Tuition is settled in three payments:
  • September, November/December, and February/March.
  • The registration fee for the coming academic year is paid in May of the current year.
  • Tuition is settled at the assigned bank.
  • Registration fees are paid at the time of registration and are later deducted from the annual tuition.
  • Registration, however, becomes valid only after the student achieves the results required for being promoted at the end of the academic year.
  • All extracurricular activities are paid for at the time of the activity.


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